The Top 4 Amino Acids For Joint Pain

The Top 4 Amino Acids For Joint Pain

Unfortunately, as the years tick by, the hands of time begin to catch up with us all, and where we once felt as agile, as nimble, and as flexible as we possibly could, we instead find ourselves feeling tired, aching, lacking mobility, and just generally experiencing joint pain all over our bodies. Although it is mainly elderly individuals that experience joint pain, in reality anybody can experience it no matter their age, gender, shape, or size. Joint pain can make life miserable for some people and can make even the simplest and most trivial of tasks such as tying our shoelaces, an arduous, long-winded, and painful task. The good news however, is that there are supplements out there that can help reduce joint pain or even help prevent it altogether. Amino acid supplements are proving especially popular and effective as of late, and so with that being said, here are four of the best amino acid supplements for joint pain.


This sulphur bearing amino acid plays a key role in the formation of cartilage and has been found on numerous occasions to help stabilize our joint cartilage and to help protect the tissue from damage in general. It is perhaps best known however, for its ability to help treat rheumatoid arthritis, which causes a person’s own immune system to attack their joints. For those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, or those at risk of suffering from the condition, regular consumption of methionine could prove incredibly beneficial indeed.



Histidine is another amino acid that has been found to play a vital role in maintaining joint health. The main reasons for this is that it provides potent anti-inflammatory benefits meaning that it can reduce painful swelling in, and around the joints most badly affected. Individuals suffering from arthritis and other similar conditions will benefit from the use of histidine especially as muscoskeltal disorders such as joint disease and arthritis are commonly caused/exasperated by painful swelling on and around the joints most badly affected. Reduce the swelling and you reduce the pain.


Taurine is actually the second most abundant amino acid and is found naturally within our skeletal muscle tissue. Taurine helps to enhance muscle function and repair, which in turn helps to improve joint health by helping to reduce the effects of joint conditions brought on as a result of intense physical exercise. Many athletes and bodybuilders experience painful joints because their joints take so much punishment over such a prolonged period of time. Taurine helps to make exercise more efficient and also, perhaps most importantly, reduces the effects of exercise induced stress placed upon various joints within our bodies.


This amino acid helps to promote the release of hormones within the body, especially Growth Hormone, which improves collagen tissue repair on top of the formation of Nitric Oxide, which acts as a vasodilator and enhances circulation and nutrient transportation via the bloodstream. This can help speed up recovery processes by providing essential oxygen and nutrients to damaged/painful joints in the body.

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