Why Is Cyclic Dextrin And Hydrolyzed Casein So Effective When Used Intra-Workout?

Why Is Cyclic Dextrin And Hydrolyzed Casein So Effective When Used Intra-Workout?

Working out and getting in shape is not an easy task, and that’s putting things incredibly mildly. In order to change your body, you need to be committed to not only an effective training plan, but also to an effective diet and nutrition plan in the process, and that’s where many people find themselves slipping up. Once you have your training on track, and feel that the foods and drinks you consume are perfectly fine and will help to get you to where you need to be, the next thing you will need to do is think about finding the best supplements for the task at hand. There’s a lot to be said about supplements, and as the diet and fitness supplement industry is worth billions upon billions, they’re obviously doing something right. When used in conjunction with a smart training and diet program, supplements can help provide you with a slight edge and will help give you that little bit extra that could be the difference between a mediocre physique, and a fantastic physique. In order to utilize supplements correctly, you don’t simply choose certain ones that have rave reviews, you instead have to know when is the best time to use them to your advantage. When talking about supplement intakes, most people focus on post-workout nutrition, and whilst post-workout nutrition is indeed vital, that doesn’t mean that intra (during) workout nutrition isn’t any less important. When it comes to intra-workout nutrition, cyclic dextrin and hydrolyzed casein protein have both been found to be highly beneficial. Here’s a more detailed look at what they are, and why they’re so great when used during your workout.

Why is intra-workout nutrition so important?

Why Is Intra-Workout Nutrition So Important?

For anybody who happens to be training seriously and looking to really increase their lean muscle mass, whilst reducing body fat simultaneously, intra-workout nutrition is incredibly important, and most certainly should not be overlooked. Before you exercise, you will consume a pre-workout meal, or meals, and possibly even a pre-workout supplement to help increase your performance and energy levels. After you finish your workout, the idea is to get as much glycogen, protein, amino acids, and other nutrients into your muscles as quickly as possible, which is where post-workout nutrition comes into the fold, but what about during your workout? Most people do nothing but sip on water whilst they exercise, and whilst staying hydrated is essential when you exercise, you should still consider using intra-workout supplements for a variety of reasons. Intra-workout supplements will:

• Help increase energy levels
• Reduce exercise induced muscle wastage
• Increase strength
• Enhance rehydration
• Promote mental clarity
• Enhance muscle efficiency

Put simply, intra workout supplements are designed to help your muscles to function more efficiently before they fatigue, plus, it helps to enhance recovery and reduce muscle damage as a result of intense physical exercise. There are many amino acids that function very well as intra-workout supplements, but recent studies have found that both, hydrolyzed casein protein, and cyclic dextrin, could both function incredibly well as intra-workout supplements.

What is cyclic dextrin?

Cyclic dextrin is a form of carbohydrate that has been produced via the natural breakdown of a starch, before having a unique enzyme added to it. This enzyme then changes its molecular structure, forming clusters of sugar molecules. The molecular structure of these sugar molecules means that they can be absorbed much quicker than other carbohydrates, which means that, when used at the right time, it could prove incredibly beneficial in regards to exercise and physical activity. Despite the fact that it is absorbed much quicker, the main benefit associated with cyclic dextrin, and the main reason why it is considered such an effective intra-workout supplement, is the fact that it provides a steady release of energy, unlike other carbohydrates. Dextrose for example, is beneficial in its own right, but as far as intra-workout nutrition goes, it would be useless, because it is absorbed so quickly and causes such a quick and sudden spike in insulin. As the energy produced and released via cyclic dextrin is released gradually, sipping on it during your workout can help ensure that your energy levels never drop too low, which could obviously be detrimental.

What is hydrolyzed casein protein?

What Is Hydrolyzed Casein Protein?

Hydrolyzed casein protein is created by hydrolyzing existing proteins into a selection of smaller proteins and amino acids. It is sometimes referred to as pre-digesting the proteins, which can then mean that they’re easier for the body to absorb, so less go to waste. As the bio-availability is increased, once consumed, hydrolyzed proteins can initiate protein synthesis much quicker than regular protein. Casein protein however, is very different to whey protein, because it is a slow-digesting protein, which can take several hours to digest and be absorbed by the body. Because of this, most people consume casein protein right before bed. As casein protein is hydrolyzed however, it is broken down and absorbed slightly quicker. If you were to consume whey protein during a workout, as whey is a rapid absorbing protein, the muscles would quickly use it up and not really benefit from it. Hydrolyzed casein however, will be absorbed much quicker than usual, but will still take much longer to be broken down and absorbed than regular whey protein, helping to keep your muscles fuelled with the essential proteins and amino acids they require.

Why are they both effective when stacked together?

So, now that we know what each of these supplements are, we can now look at why they’re so effective when stacked together with one another. Simply put, the cyclic dextrin assists with energy levels, helping to provide fuel for the body, meaning your workouts are more efficient, whilst the casein protein helps to keep the muscles fuelled with proteins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients that promote muscle function, growth, recovery, and repair. Not only can you exercise for longer, but you can also protect the muscles and allow them to take more punishment, and the harder they work, the more growth you will see.

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