7 Of The Top Supplements For Old Age

Some things in life are inevitable, and unfortunately, one of those things is growing older with each passing day. Whilst we have seen some huge advances in modern medicine and technology over the last few years, one thing which we haven’t yet seen is an effective way of halting the aging process dead in its tracks. As we grow older, our bodies unfortunately begin to deteriorate, especially if we don’t really look after them properly. Whereas before we could perhaps get away with drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and consuming vast quantities of junk food, as we grow older, we begin to see and feel the effects of these poor life choices firsthand. Although we can’t prevent the hands of time catching up to us, what we can do is look after our bodies so that we look and feel much healthier than other people our age. Once we reach our early fifties or so, generally we begin to feel more aches and pains and we begin discovering new ailments and health concerns that previously had never bothered us in the slightest. Experts recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle for optimal health as you grow older, though there are supplements currently available that can also provide a whole host of benefits in the process. Here’s a look at just 7 of the best supplements for old age.



In reality, multi-vitamins aren’t just beneficial for old age, they’re beneficial for people of all ages, because they are so hugely healthy and good for you. Multi-vitamins are supplements which contain multiple different vitamins simultaneously, which is what makes them so great. Each vitamin contained in the supplement provides its own unique benefits, so when you combine them all together, well, you benefit from multiple vitamins in one handy supplement. Multi-vitamin supplements help boost immunity, they strengthen the muscles, they strengthen the bones, they’re good for the brain, they’re good for the digestive system, they’re good for the heart, and much more besides.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements

Vitamin D deficiencies are very common, which in turn can lead to a number of other health conditions and medical ailments, especially those regarding the bones and joints. You see, as you probably know, the mineral calcium is responsible for strengthening the bones within the human body, yet in order for the body to be able to process this mineral, the body requires vitamin D, and that’s where people go wrong. You can drink all of the milk you like, but if you don’t have enough vitamin D in your body, you won’t be able to utilize the calcium so it will basically be going to waste. As you begin to grow older, bone loss speeds up more and more, usually when a person reaches their fifties. This puts you at risk of osteoporosis and other similar conditions which can be very debilitating. By taking a calcium supplement along with a vitamin D supplement however, you are able to ensure you’re getting enough of the mineral, and that the body is able to utilize it correctly. What’s more, vitamin D also provides numerous other health benefits in the process.


As people grow older, they become much more at risk of suffering from a magnesium deficiency than younger people. This is largely down to the fact that they aren’t able to absorb as many nutrients as before, and simply down to the fact that they aren’t getting enough via dietary sources. Magnesium deficiencies result in the body not being able to utilize other vitamins and minerals correctly, including vitamin D and calcium, which again, could lead to bone loss and bone conditions such as osteoporosis. Magnesium is a mineral that is found naturally in foods including: spinach, nuts, whole-wheat bread, avocados, yoghurt, and bananas, though to ensure you’re getting enough, experts recommend consuming a magnesium supplement.

Omega 3 supplements


Omega 3 supplements are also very important for older individuals as these essential fatty acids have been proven to help protect against heart disease, against dementia and Alzheimer’s, against hypertension, against heart attacks and strokes, and even against certain forms of cancer. They boost the metabolism, they help to lubricate the joints and they provide anti-inflammatory benefits so they can help alleviate the symptoms associated with headaches and with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin C

The human immune system is weaker in children and in the elderly, so it is important to do all that you can to help keep it as strong and as healthy as possible. You see, the immune system is the human body’s natural defence against illness and disease, so not only can it help to ward off common ailments such as winter colds, but it can also help to protect against more serious diseases such as cancer. The immune system thrives upon vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. To ensure your immune system remains as strong and as healthy as possible, a 1000mg vitamin C supplement per day will provide all of the benefits you could ever wish for.


Glucosamine is another very important supplement for people who are growing older, as this supplement has been proven to help strengthen and protect the joints within the body. This naturally occurring nutrient is actually the primary component of the spongy tissue surrounding the joints, which is known as cartilage. The primary role of cartilage is to provide cushioning for the joints whenever we move. To help prevent conditions such as arthritis, as well as stiff and painful joints in general, a glucosamine supplement such as glucosamine HCL, or glucosamine sulphate, will provide a great deal of help and protection for the joints.

B vitamins

B vitamins are responsible for the production of energy, as well as for general cognitive function. Studies have found that elderly people are more at risk of suffering from a B vitamin deficiency, due simply to the fact that there are so many different B vitamins, and getting them all in via dietary sources could be difficult. To ensure this isn’t an issue, B-vitamin supplements are incredibly useful and will provide all essential B complex vitamins in handy tablet form.

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