How to choose the perfect cutting stack


If you’re sick and tired of feeling bloated and lethargic after a several month long bulk, you will probably be looking forward to starting your cut for the upcoming summer months. The idea behind a successful cut is that you strip away as much excess body fat as you possibly can, whilst preserving as much lean muscle tissue as possible in the process. The end result should be you rocking a lean, mean, powerful, and ripped physique. In order to cut, you need to adjust your training slightly, you need to do more cardio, you need to eat clean, and you need to force yourself into a caloric deficit. Cutting however, can be hard, both physically and mentally, especially as you find your body fat percentages dropping and you having less and less energy with each passing day. With any reduction in calories, you are going to see a drop in strength and energy, which is why supplements can be utilized to help you drop the fat and retain/build the muscle. Finding the perfect supplement stack however, is far easier said than done, but fear not, because we’re here to help.

Why stack supplements in the first place?


A lot of you may be wondering why it is necessary to stack supplements in the first place, as surely all you need is just one, perhaps two, supplements to help you drop weight and train hard. Well, in reality, that is not the case at all. When you stack supplements together, you help bring out the absolute best from each one, as each one works in synergy with the other, and often functions as a catalyst for something else. Bodybuilding supplements are designed provide fast, noticeable, and sustainable results in a safe and timely manner, and when you pair them up and use them in conjunction with one another, you get to enjoy each benefit that each product is able to provide. For example, some supplements provide energy, whilst others help build muscle, and others help to burn fat. When you’re dieting to burn fat and build muscle, combining individual supplements together is perfect, because you get different benefits.

How to choose the best cutting stack

Now that we’ve looked at why it’s so important to create supplement stacks, here’s a look at what you can do to help build the perfect stack, as we provide several tips designed to help you choose the ultimate cutting stack.

Always choose reputable supplements

The supplement industry is worth billions upon billions and is one of the most competitive industries in the entire world. Everybody wants a piece of the action because there is fantastic money to be made from the supplement industry. The problem with this is that many smaller and non-reputable companies and manufacturers, try to keep their costs down by using inferior ingredients and poor blends, without properly testing the effectiveness of their products. By selling their products cheaper they are trying to be competitive, yet consumers are suffering because the products they are buying are just not up to the job. Protein blends, rather than being 80 -90% pure are perhaps only 60% pure, leaving 40% worth of fats and carbs. Certain blends may be bulked out with filler ingredients, and there are always safety risks with new and unknown products. When choosing your stack, always choose reputable products from trusted manufacturers.

Don’t expect miracles

Whilst a properly chosen supplement stack will indeed help you to burn fat and build/preserve muscle, it will not work miracles. Remember, supplements are not steroids, so the results will certainly not be dramatic, and they won’t appear overnight. If you choose a supplement stack, do your research, and use it with realistic expectations, you will see and feel the benefits, which will help make your training sessions that little bit more effective.

Don’t forget to diet and train

It may be hard to believe, but some people will spend hundreds upon hundreds on creating their ideal cutting stack, yet they’ll continue to eat junk food and train sporadically, and will wonder why they aren’t burning fat. To get the most of your supplement stack you should use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and smart and regular training regime.

Do your research


Remember, the idea behind creating a supplement stack for cutting is to get the most out of each supplement so that you can enjoy multiple benefits in one. Some supplements therefore, work better with others, and some are simply not designed for cutting at all. Obviously if you are following a low carb cutting program, when you purchase a protein supplement you will need to ensure that you choose a low carbohydrate protein power, and that your other supplements are also low in carbs. Find out which supplements work best with which, and find out when is the best time to use each one.

Consider a trial run

Rather than committing to a supplement stack that costs hundreds, and that will last several months, why not consider a trial run and purchase smaller quantities of the supps you’ve had your eye on. Rather than running the stack for months, why not simply purchase enough to last you for, say, 2 weeks perhaps? This will allow you to gauge just how effective the supplements are, how they’re making you feel, whether you can see and feel a benefit, and whether you feel you would like to purchase them in bulk and run the stack for the duration of your cut.

Use responsibly

Finally, although this should go without saying, you should make sure that you always use any supplements responsibly and as instructed. If you experience any adverse side effects, it is essential that you speak to an expert and discontinue usage until you discover what the problem is.

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