Four Fantastic Benefits Of Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein

Four Fantastic Benefits Of Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein

When it comes to a healthy, aesthetically pleasing body, it simply can’t be denied that the majority of us would favour a lean, muscular, and powerful physique over a scrawny, flabby, weak looking body any day of the week. In order to achieve an aesthetic physique however, we need to put in our time in the gym, and more importantly, in the kitchen. Building muscle is a combination of around 30% training and 70% diet and nutrition, so ensuring you’re eating the right foods, and using the right supplements at the right time is simply vital. Protein is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue and because of this, whey protein supplements are extremely beneficial. Recent studies however, have suggested that grass fed whey protein, especially New Zealand Whey Protein, could be even healthier and more beneficial than regular whey. Whey protein is a by-product created when milk turns into cheese, and if the cows have been grass fed, there is evidence to suggest that the protein created could be extremely beneficial. Here’s a look at just five of these benefits.

Free from hormones

Cows that are fed in grains, are often also pumped full of various hormones designed to improve the taste of the milk produced, and the quality of the meat itself. The problem is that these hormones are then naturally present in the beef we consume, or in the dairy products we consume that come from the milk. Because of this, many whey protein supplements also have traces of hormones still present within them, which can cause a whole variety of different problems for us. Grass fed beef however, is 100% natural as the grass grows naturally out in the wild and is therefore free from hormones, making the meat and the dairy produce far healthier.

A complete amino acid profile

Another benefit of whey protein from grass fed cows is that the milk they produce is far healthier than other mass produced variations because the grass is free from chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients that affect the quality of the milk. Because of this, the milk they produce contains far more complete amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein molecules. This means protein synthesis is improved and as a result, we get to build more lean muscle.



Another reason why grass fed whey protein products are far healthier and beneficial for us is that they’re free from genetically modified organisms. Any food that the cows consume that is rich in genetically modified ingredients will contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that have been linked with numerous health complications in the past. Grass fed new Zealand whey protein supplements are 100% free of GM ingredients, making them far healthier.

Better quality protein

The final reason why grass fed whey protein is far superior to many other whey protein supplements is the fact that the protein is simply of a better quality. Grass fed cattle are allowed to roam freely and graze on lush green pastures out in the wild. They eat natural grass free from chemicals, they’re out in peaceful and relaxing surroundings, and they simply have a better quality of life. This in turn means the milk is of much finer quality, as is the whey protein which is then derived from the milk. Healthy cows are happy cows, and happy cows equal better quality produce.

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