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Four Muscle Building Secrets for Maximum Growth


Getting big, lean, and jacked is far from easy, and it is a process which requires a great deal of patience. Contrary to what certain online ads would have you believe, you can’t get big and jacked in a matter of days, or even weeks for that matter, as it can take several months of hard work before you eventually begin seeing noticeable improvements to your physique. Nothing worth having in life comes easily however, and like life, when it comes to the gym, the more you put into it, the more you gain from it. Building muscle isn’t just about hitting the gym a few times a week, nor is it about chugging down endless protein shakes and consuming vast quantities of chicken breasts and Tupperware meals. Getting big and jacked requires a change of lifestyle and a whole heap of knowledge and commitment in the process. We can’t ensure you remain committed, but we can ensure you have plenty of knowledge on the subject. For that reason, here’s a look at four muscle building secrets for maximum growth.

To look like a bodybuilder you should eat like one


Obviously you will all have different goals and dream physiques in mind, but if you’re looking to pile as much muscle on as possible, you are going to have to switch up your diet and eat like the pros. Bodybuilders do not eat two or three large meals per day, most of them will be consuming anything from 7 to 9 meals per day, so just bear that in mind. One or two of these meals will be protein shakes, but even so, that is still a lot of food. Obviously you won’t have time to get fancy, so you will need to stick with the basics. Meals such as oats and egg whites for breakfast, and a protein source, a veggie source, a carb source, and a few healthy fats throughout the day should make up the remainder of your meals. As an example, grilled chicken breast, boiled rice, asparagus, and a drizzle of olive oil will make a simple yet effective meal. To make life easier, prep several day’s worth of meals in advance, otherwise you will literally live in the kitchen.

Stimulate but don’t destroy

When people kick things up a gear and begin really taking their training seriously, a lot of the time they will try to work too hard and will do too much in the gym. This can take a toll on their muscles as they will literally be using so much volume, and working so hard, that the muscles will be absolutely destroyed and will fail to recover. Ideally you want to stimulate your muscles, give them a good working out, and allow them to recover. Once the muscle has been stimulated, if you continue training it too hard, you will destroy it and will prevent it from growing and repairing itself adequately enough. A little high volume training is good now and then, but listen to your body and if your muscles are constantly sore and aching, you are working them too hard.



Forget about so-called fitness ‘gurus’ claiming that “while you sleep, they’re working in the gym” because truthfully if they knew their stuff, they would know just how vital sleep actually is. When we sleep is when our bodies do most of their growing, repairing, and recovering, meaning that is when your muscles grow. Aim for 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night and try to get into a regular routine. Not only that, but if you aren’t sleeping enough, you will be irritable and tired, and your workouts will suffer as well.

Don’t throw the towel in when things get tough

When your training is going well, and when you are making gains, your motivation levels will be through the roof, and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing. When however, you find your gains stalling, your energy levels dropping, and your physique lagging, that is when you will really be tested. A lot of people will simply say ‘what’s the point’ and will subsequently throw the metaphorical towel in, head to the nearest fast food joint, and drown their sorrows in pure grease. Winners however, will simply go back to the drawing board, identify what is going wrong, and rectify it. You will plateau and you will lack drive and motivation, but your true resolve will become clear in terms of how you react to this. Don’t quit and don’t be disheartened, simply identify the problem and come up with a solution.

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