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Athlete Profile: Tony Smith

Tony Smith - Canadian Protein Athlete

5’9 180lbs
Bench 350
Squat 475
Deadlift 501
1.5 mile run 8:40
2000m row 6:52

I have been a police officer for 18 years, 10 of which were spent on the tactical unit. I spent the final 6 years on the swat team as the team leader. As a tactical operator, I conducted over 5000 missions involving everything from murder, shootings, stabbings to VIP protection. I have lead over 1500 high risk entries, I am trained in Hostage Rescue, a variety of firearms, crisis negotiations, use of force and mental readiness. As a member of this unit we were expected to maintain a high level of fitness. In order to better train myself and create a bond within our unit, I began the certification process in Salt Lake City, Utah at Gym Jones, regarded by many as one of the most hardcore gyms in the world. Their philosophies focus on the connection between mental toughness and physical strength. I applied this programming into our teams’ daily fitness routines and the difference in our fitness was immediately evident; our bond and ability to manage the stress of our incredibly busy hours also improved.

Tony Smith - The Garage Gym

Tony Smith – The Garage Gym

In 2014, I became the first Canadian fully certified Gym Jones Instructor. My wife and I began training people out of our single car garage. We practice simple, effective, functional fitness focused on a balance of strength, power and endurance while limiting the risk of injury. Within 8 months, we had 30 people training in our garage and opened up a location in a store front in Amherstburg, Ont. aptly named- The Garage Gym (http://thegaragegym.net/). We quickly doubled in size taking over 5000 square feet and opened a second facility in Kingsville, Ont. We currently train over 250 people.

I use my team building, leadership and mental readiness techniques gleaned from years of police experience to get the most out of our members and to help them improve both their mental and physical strength.

As a tactical athlete, I need to be able to have the speed and endurance to run down a criminal and the strength and power to take them into custody safely. Therefore, I focus my program on general physical preparedness and pride myself on what I can do on any given day if called to task.

You can find Tony here:

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