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Christine Castro

My greatest passion is powerlifting. I’ve always had a competitive edge to that made me work harder to accomplish my goals. I am currently known as a competitive powerlifter in both the 63kg and 72kg open class. My first competition was in 2015, two years later, I was able to obtain the 63kg Open National Champion title at my first CPU Nationals. I now hold multiple records in the IPF/CPU. Some of the records I accomplished include the deadlift national and provincial record of 198kgs in the 63kg open class, the deadlift national and provincial record of 185kgs in the 63kg junior class and the squat (162.5kgs), deadlift (185kgs) and total (427.5kgs) provincial record in the 72kg open class. I also represented Team Canada in the 63kg Open class in Minsk, Belarus where I was able to obtain 6th place at IPF Classic Worlds 2017. This was also my first International competition. I hope to represent Team Canada again this year in the 72kg Open class which will be held in Calgary, AB. My best gym numbers are a 400lbs squat, 200lbs bench press and a 440lbs deadlift and my best meet numbers are a 386lbs squat, 198lbs bench press, 441lbs deadlift. I am currently working towards getting my numbers high enough for the elusive 500 wilks by the end of 2018.

My passion for powerlifting started out when I used strength training as a tool to become a better basketball player in University where I started learning more about working out and how to perform the big three properly. I also had a lot of guidance from my professors and my peers. I believe that my technique has a piece of advice from every person I had the privilege to train with and learn from. It was during that time that I began to develop a new-found love for powerlifting. By the time I competed at my first meet in August 2015, I decided I would commit myself entirely to the sport and since then I have never looked back. I have competed at 10+ meets now and I don’t regret any of it. Going into a sport where you perform as an individual seemed difficult for me at first. Specially coming from a team oriented sport, where you can get support from a lot of people, but since joining Afterburn Barbell, my powerlifting team, shortly after moving to Toronto, I’ve never felt more at home with a group of friends that I can call my second family. We go to powerlifting meets together and there is no better sound than your team cheering you on during that last big deadlift.
My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, Major in Exercise and Health Physiology from University of Calgary. I have also completed my Coaching Level Certification with Precision Nutrition. I currently do online coaching and have been in the fitness industry since 2014. I have been given the opportunity to help other athletes prep for their first powerlifting meets and this I am truly thankful for.

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