Jermain Murray

Athlete Profile: Jermain Murray

Jermain Murray - Jai-Elite

“Goooood Morning, Toronto!” is the calling card of a great day! This is how CP Athlete Jai (jay) Elite starts his day for every one of his followers on Instagram stories! Every day!

Tune in to Jai’s stories as he shares his daily meals, training, fatherhood and competition prep for 5 bodybuilding shows this year. Jai will be working hard and relying on Canadian Protein supplements to join the IFBB Professional League with his friends.

As Founder of an Online Coaching company Jai is always giving away key supplement tips, training tips, secrets from the pros, supplement giveaways and daily motivation!

“the list of things you need to do to get the job done! and secure your bag!”

You can find Jermain here:

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